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Barn Quilts

NEW!! If your order requires any pre-designing or mockups, the first 3 are free after that it is $20 for the next 7 and $10 for each after that. If you end up ordering any extra over 10 mockups will be taken off your order total. Please message me if you have any questions.

What is a Barn Quilt?

It is a piece of wood that has a painted quilt design on it. They started because it was in honor of a loved one, but today they can be your favorite quilt pattern or a mixture of barn quilts. We can make any barn quilt design you can dream up!

What are Barn Quilts made of?

Our barn quilts are made of MDO (medium density overlay) plywood. This wood is exterior plywood and will not root in the weather. We also use the best exterior paint and seal each barn quilt with an exterior sign seatent.

How do we make Barn Quilts?

We start by getting our MDO and making a frame if it needs one. We then prime the barn quilt and start drawing it out. Once the barn quilt is drawn out we tape off each color and start painting. We do a minimum of 3 coats per color.

What to do once the Barn Quilt is done.

We will contact you and set up a time for pick up or drop off. It will be your responsibility to hang the barn quilt. We do love to get a picture of the barn quilts hung and then you could also add it to our barn quilt registry. We also offer shipping for 4x4 and smaller.

What a idea of what our barn quilt will look like?

We offer free design services. You can contact us and let us know that you would like to see the color you choose in our design before you order. We will send over multiple options for you to take a look at and decide which one you want. 

What design can I choose from?

You can choose any design you would like. You can look through our gallery to see if you like any of those or you can look on the internet and send us an email with your choice of design.

What if I can't find what I want?

We will work with you to find or create your perfect barn quilt. We can either meet in person or have a meeting over zoom or exchange emails to get your dream Barn Quilt. If you can dream it we can definitely paint it!

What if I want a big Barn Quilt but can't pick it up?

Please contact us before purchasing and we will talk about options that are available for you to get your dream Barn Quilt. We are located in Middleton, WI

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