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Barn Quilt Classes

What is a Barn Quilt Class?

A Barn quilt class is where EL Barn Quilts will personally teach you how to make your very own barn quilt.

Where are the Classes?

Some barn quilt classes will be set up by EL Barn quilts. These will be posted under the Events page. I also offer private classes that are set up by you! You can decide on the place of the class.

What does a class consist of?

Barn Quilt classes do not require any artistic ability, I will teach you how to draw and then paint your barn quilt. The wood you will paint your barn quilt on will come cut and primed. Depending on class size and amount of colors the class time can range from 3-8 hours.

What colors can you choose from?

Please visit the paint page to pick your colors, add them to your cart, and purchase them they are free. You can pick from any of the colors on that page. If you pick a Color Pallet please specify if you want white or black included or if you don't want one of the colors.

What Designs can you do?

You can choose your own design if the class does not already have a set design. Please contact us with the design you are wanting to do so we can make sure the design is doable for the class.

What does EL Barn Quilts bring to the class

Wood, Paint, Brushes, Rulers, Pencils, Tape, and Knifes

Aprons and paint drop cloths upon request.

2x2 Class

$98 per person
$100 Non-Refundable Deposit Due in advance.

1x1 Class

$49 per person
$100 Non-Refundable Deposit Due in advance.

If you want to change the design for any of our classes we can help you do that on the day of the class. Below are examples of people that change the design.

No upcoming events at the moment
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