Vritual Barn Quilt Classes/Kits

What is a Virtual Barn Quilt Class/Kit

Virtual Barn Quilt class/kits are for people that want to learn how to make their own barn quilt but don't have access to a barn quilt class or don't want to have to make it in one day. 

When you order a class/kit you can choose to receive all of the supplies that you need or you can order just the videos. The videos will walk you through step by step how to draw, tape and, paint your very own barn quilt. 

You will be able to choose what design and colors you would like. The video teaching you how to draw will be specifically made just for you!

You will be able to watch the videos when it works best for you and watch them as much as you would like!

How to Order!


Pick Size

We offer 4 different sizes


Pick a design

We can draw or teach you to draw any design you would like.


Pick colors

You can pick any colors you would like!

Place your order!


Once you have everything place your order!

What happens next?

When can you start your class/kit?

Once your order has been placed we will get started on making your kit and videos right away! 

We will email you with a link to view the videos, they will all be posted on this website but will be password protected so only people that purchase the course and view the videos. You will receive a password once we receive your order.

Please allow one week for your kit to ship if you ordered one. 

If you order a pre-drawn barn quilt you will still have access to the drawing videos but there might not be one with your design. We will make drawing videos as the orders come in. We will also only make videos for barn quilts that are not pre-drawn. 

You will have access to all of the videos this includes other people's drawing videos you may watch them because you did pay for the course!

Each drawing video will be titled with the purchaser's name.