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Barn Quilt Registry

Do you have a Barn Quilt that is not on a registry? Fill out the form below and we will add your barn quilt. 

Your Barn quilt does not have to be located in Dane County, WI to be on this registry. 

Our goal for this Registry is to get as many barn quilts as possible on it. I would like to get as many for Dane County, WI as I can because that is where I am located. 

It is free to register your barn quilt. 

If you would prefer to mail your form in you can. Please mail it to 6988 Meffert rd. Waunakee WI 53597

Register your Barn Quilt

Upload File

Location of Registered Barn Quilts

Click on one of the Red pins to see the information on the location, then click the link button to see the barn quilt(s) and their stories.

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